DEI – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A Path Toward Equity: Module 4 – Belonging: Moving from Them to Us

Course Code: 2361

A Path Toward Equity: Disrupting Structural Racism through Awareness and Belonging

The goal of the Path Toward Equity training is to offer foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training for all Washington State cabinet agency employees. Intentionally starting with race, these classes will allow all employees to gain awareness of racial inequalities and their effects. These foundational classes are focused on the emerging levels of competency, providing shared language and awareness of how racial inequities show up in every system and workplace in Washington.

Module 4 – Belonging: Moving from Them to Us

Belonging: Moving from Them to Us will allow the learner to move from the performative actions of inclusion to the transformational process of belonging. Using psychological theory and innovative interventions, learners will be able to understand how belonging uncertainty leads to the maintenance of traditional othering. Learners will gain strategies to foster belonging in all of state government.

Please note the training schedule for Module 4 – Belonging: Moving from Them to Us is available for viewing purposes only. This course is available for registration within the Washington State Learning Center after Module 3 – Feeling Like an Outsider is completed.

Please contact your training manager or Washington State Learning Center (WSLC) administrator for assistance.

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