Leadership Presence

Course Code: 2262
As a leader you are always on stage, and how you show up sets the stage for how you are perceived. Always being visible is one of the daunting challenges of leadership, but it’s also one that is entirely in your control.

Learn how to define your personal leadership presence, and how to manage yourself and your energy so you can build trust and credibility with others while you lead the room. This course will help you to build these important leadership skills from the inside out.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
1. Have a deep awareness and skills with practice and personal coaching in emotion, imagination, spontaneity, passion, and energy to develop a powerful and authentic leadership presence brand and style
2. Listen deeply and build authentic relationships with clients and customers, internal teams, and external stakeholders to facilitate engaged and collaborative creative processes
3. Manage work-life balance, personal energy, and authentic social engagement

Competencies Covered:
1. Hone your personal style for projecting confidence and competence.
2. Develop a strong leadership presence and brand.
3. Manage your energy and deal with distractions and anxiety.
4. Present yourself and your ideas with authenticity, authority, and inspiration by integrating the four core areas of your own unique personal communication style: voice, body, mind, and emotion
5. Practice specific skillsets to: take command of a room; assume a leadership role; share your ideas with confidence; and persuasive and impactful communication.
6. Build and maintain trust, social capital, and influence with your teams and stakeholders by generating connection and engagement at every interaction
7. Tap into and effectively articulate your most important personal and organizational values in order to craft a fulfilling and meaningful identity as a leader in a rapidly changing world

Intended Audience: Public sector managers, supervisors and lead workers

Cost: The cost of this course will be displayed on the class registration page.