Resolving Workplace Conflict

Course Code: 2307

This course is designed to enable participants to identify what the real issues are, to assess their significance in relation to organizational or unit goals, and to facilitate the resolution of these conflicts. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

·       Create and implement a systematic process that works effectively amid conflict

·       Describe the different conflict resolution methods including one-to-one, negotiation, arbitration, and mediation as well as the appropriate application of each method

·       Diagnose their own conflict resolution style and how this style helps or hinders them in dealing with other conflict resolution approaches

·       Determine the difference between “real” conflict and “pseudo” conflict

·       Diagnose the causes of conflict

·       Describe the constructive and destructive nature of conflict

·       Identify the physical and psychological forces at work in human conflict situations 

Competencies Covered: Conflict resolution; strengths and weaknesses; negotiation, arbitration, mediation 

Intended Audience:  This course is appropriate for any employee at any level of the organization.