Resolving Workplace Conflict

Course Code: 2307

This course helps you identify the real issues in a conflict situation, assess their significance in relation to your organization or unit’s goals, and find a resolution.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Create and implement a systematic process that works effectively during conflict.
  • Describe the different conflict resolution methods (one-to-one, negotiation, arbitration, and mediation) as well as the appropriate application of each method.
  • Diagnose your own conflict resolution style and how this style helps or hinders you.
  • Determine the difference between “real” conflict and “pseudo” conflict.
  • Diagnose the causes of conflict.
  • Describe the constructive and destructive natures of conflict.
  • Identify the physical and psychological forces at work in human conflict situations.

Intended Audience: All audiences.