Program & Project Management

Project Execution, Control & Closure

Course Code: 01-14-P063

Successful completion fulfills 15 Professional Development Units towards SPSCC certificate completion and can be submitted to PMI subject to their audit process.
This 2-day course expands on the information provided in the Project Management Essentials course by delving more deeply into the Project Execution and Control Phases of the project management lifecycle. The plans developed in the Project Initiation and Planning phases of the project management lifecycle will be examined in terms of how they can best be implemented to ensure the success of the project. Specific emphasis will be placed on how to manage and control the project as the plans are implemented.
Project control processes will be emphasized, with specific regard to how a project team ensures that project processes function as they should and will ultimately deliver the product, solution or change desired by the project’s sponsor. Using simple case studies, participants will discuss theoretical fundamentals, participate in hands-on exercises, and create the actual documents used to track a project, identify performance trends and make adjustments to keep the project on track.
Topics addressed include implementing project plans, managing scope, schedule and cost to ensure project health, and project control techniques such as the use of schedules to control project progress and generate momentum, risk-based assessments, and managing teams to keep them motivated and on task, and other activities related to project management.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Relate the ten knowledge areas of project management to the Project Execution process group.
  • Relate the ten knowledge areas of project management to the Project Monitoring and Control process group.
  • Use time and cost management techniques to assess project health and facilitate project execution.
  • Apply project performance measures to objectively monitor and report project progress and make adjustments to project plans.
  • Relate Project Team Management to the Project Execution process group and how project teams can impact the success of a project.
  • Identify key approaches and tools available to the project manager to monitor and control a project during project execution and closing.
  • Develop an effective Project Status Report.
  • Develop an informative and inclusive Project Closeout Report.

This course addresses the following knowledge areas identified by the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 7th ed. (PMI):

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

Audience: Employees whose work involves the planning and management of projects.

Virtually Led Trainings: If you’re registering for a virtual training, the classroom link and materials will be sent to you separately within 1-2 business days before the scheduled class date.