Personal & Professional Development

Winning the Interview

Course Code: 2319

Having clarity and confidence when engaging in one on ones, preparing for internal job promotions, and asking for those stretch assignments you have coveted, is necessary to win the interview. You look to your left and your right and you think “why not me?”  The most common answer is that you were not as prepared nor confident for the interview or meeting as you need to be to win the interview. 

Fear of interviewing aka ergophobia, can be overcome and minimized by preparing, researching, and practicing for your next interaction. The more prepared you are, the more authentic your answers, the more confident your stories, and the more relaxed and enjoyable your approach to the whole experience. We teach you how to put your best self forward, ensure the hiring managers are seeing the real you and all you can deliver.  

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Reflect on your strengths, opportunities, and skills that will be best suited for your next job, responsibility, or role. Gaining the confidence, you need to be successful through self-awareness.  
  • Research opportunities both upward, and sideways, that leverage your skills, talents, and interests to the maximum. Providing you the knowledge to select the right roles for you. 
  • Rebuilding your interview skills through practice, preparation, and purpose. Teaching you how to create your unique value and present it in person, and virtually.
  • Win the interview by crafting an easy-to-follow interview preparation plan that shows your unique value, and ensures you stand out amongst a talented field. 

Competencies Covered: communication, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, personal and professional development, continual learning, confidence, and self-promotion.