Language of Leadership: Enhancing Your Leadership Potential

Course Code: 01-09-M308

Leaders are people who have followings.  Leadership, then, consists of a variety of skills that influence others to follow.  This influence comes largely from a leader’s communication.  Leaders communicate in ways that less influential people do not.  This workshop builds participants’ abilities to influence others.  

Based on recent, proprietary research, the workshop identifies seven ways in which the language leaders use encourages commitment in their people.  Through several interactive exercises, participants master skills in these seven areas so that they can lead others effectively.  In using these seven skills leaders can communicate more in a more positive, optimistic, and empowering manner and so encourage commitment and self-confidence. 

Sample topics covered

Using Positive Language

·       The connection between language and attitude

·       The freeing effects of positive language

·       Practical tips to avoid creating resistance

Optimistic Language

·       What to say when things go wrong

·       Focusing people on what they can control

·       Two ways in which leaders explain things differently than others

Empowering Language

·       How to encourage others to accept responsibility

·       Words that make people feel effective

·       Powerful questions that bring out the best in others

Inclusive Language

Commending Language 

Includes:           Opportunities to practice all seven skills

                             Practical ways to enhance leadership ability

                             Free follow-up

Intended Audience:  The course was designed for those in management or supervisory positions.  However, since leadership is played at all levels of an organization, this workshop is for anyone who wants to increase his or her leadership skills.