Information Technology

PowerPoint 2016 Level 1

Course Code: 01-04-D725
PowerPoint allows you to create professional and well organized presentations. Learn the fundamentals needed to create and modify basic presentations, format text on slide, enhance visual appeal using graphical objects and transitions, and add tables and charts to present date in a structured way.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Create and modify slide content to include formatting text on slides, slide master, shapes and images
    • Add graphical objects to a presentation
    • Modify graphical objects on slides
    • Work with tables in a presentation
    • Import charts to a presentation
    • Prepare to deliver a presentation

      Intended Audience: Participants should be familiar with using a mouse and keyboard; comfortable launching and closing programs; navigating to information stored on the computer; and managing files and folders.

        Recommended Pre-requisite: All interested individuals who have taken a Windows course or equivalent experience.