Crucial Learning Crucial Influence

Course Code: 01-09-M602

    Learn essential leadership skills.  Crucial Influence is rooted in 50 years of social science research and teaches the renowned Six Sources of Influence model.  The course reveals the personal, social, and structural sources that shape behavior and teaches a method for using these sources to influence people and results.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Get clear on the results you want.
    • Determine how you will measure progress and success.
    • Identify the behaviors that will generate desired results.
    • Clarify when people should act and what they should do

    Competencies covered in this course: Change management, Leading Change

      Intended Audience: Whether you’re managing a team of ten or leading a large organization, Influencer Training provides the skills you need to change behavior of others. The course is also effective for those without formal authority, as well as emerging leaders.