Program & Project Management

Business Analysis Strategy Analysis and Perspectives

Course Code: 01-14-P056

The Business Analysis Strategy Analysis course describes the business analysis activities necessary to define future and transition states needed to address an organizational business need. Strategies may exist for the entire enterprise, for a division, department or region, and for a product, project, or iteration. Strategy Analysis is often the starting point for initiating a new project and is continued as changes occur and more information becomes available. It is through Strategy Analysis activities that business requirements are identified and documented. This course will also include a discussion of some of the more common perspectives used within business analysis work to provide focus to tasks and techniques specific to the context of an initiative. This class also includes practice exam questions that will help you prepare for taking the CCBA certification exam.

This course addresses the following knowledge areas identified by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (IIBA):

  • Strategy Analysis
  • Elicitation & Collaboration
  • Requirements Analysis & Design Definition
  • Solution Evaluation

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Analyze Current State
  • Define Future State
  • Assess Risks
  • Define Change Strategy
  • Define business case
  • Perspectives:
    • Agile
    • Business Intelligence
    • Information Technology
    • Business Architecture
    • Business Process Management
  • Take practice test for the Strategy Analysis portion of the CCBA (IIBA) exam for preparation for actual exam.

Audience:  Systems analysts, business analysts, requirements analysts, developers, software engineers, IT project managers, project managers, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, program managers, testers, QA specialists or anyone involved in organizational decision making.

Length: 2 days, 15 hours

Materials:  Handouts; students are encouraged to bring their copy of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge.