Leadership NEXT

Course Code: 01-09-M615
If upon completion of your Leadership Development Certificate you were eager to get to work and make positive change, you’re not alone - it’s exciting to learn how to improve results, then set out on a course to do so. No doubt you’ve succeeded in meeting some of your goals, while others will take continued effort.

Because the best leaders sharpen their saw on a regular basis, Leadership NEXT is a repeatable course designed for alumni to continually acknowledge their progress, update their learning, and receive real-time coaching on new strategies for overcoming current challenges in their workplace. Through a series of hands-on exercises and guided conversations participants will deepen their knowledge of what it means to manage and lead effectively within the present context of their organizations.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course participants should have knowledge and be able to:

  • Express a deeper understanding of how they achieve success
  • Pinpoint whether current obstacles are driven by process issues, people problems, or their own behaviors
  • Consult with themselves and others on best practices in leadership, process management, change, influence, communication, motivation, and dealing with conflict
  • Clarify the costs and benefits of the variety of options available to them
  • Coach and be coached on creating viable plans to implement immediately upon returning to work

Come prepared to discuss: What areas have you improved upon as a result of the trainings AND what isat least one organizational issue you have been unable to resolve that you would like to work on next.

Audience: You must have completed all five courses of the SPSCC Leadership Certificate to be eligible for Leadership NEXT

Pre-requisites: This class is offered only to participants who have completed all five classes in the South Puget Sound Community College Leadership Development Certificate.