Personal & Professional Development

Conflict Resolution – Getting Along in the Workplace

Course Code: 2405

Effective conflict management is vital in all relationships, whether personal or professional. While not all conflicts can be resolved, they can certainly be managed. Although often viewed negatively, conflict can actually promote personal development and encourage innovation and improvement. However, if left unaddressed or dealt with poorly, it can lead to detrimental outcomes such as damaged relationships and emotional turmoil.

Our training program aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and strategies to manage conflicts more effectively. Our approach is twofold: prevent conflicts before they arise and manage them when they do. Participants will learn how to de-escalate conflicts and achieve win-win solutions. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify different types and stages of conflicts and learn common conflict resolution techniques.
  • Implement de-escalation techniques and intervention strategies to defuse tense situations.
  • Increase positive information flow through non-verbal and verbal communication skills.
  • Navigate challenging situations with professionalism. 
  • Recognize the appropriate conflict resolution style for a given situation.
  • Confidently manage conflict to increase productivity and performance.

Competencies Covered: Conflict resolution and management

Intended Audience: Public sector employees