Facilitation & Presentation

Facilitation Fundamentals

Course Code: 2390

Course Description: In this interactive workshop, you will learn to facilitate group discussions and meetings that help groups make decisions together and engages all the voices in the group across difference. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of facilitation: Content Neutrality, Asking Good Questions, and Stay on Track.  

Participants will learn about the Experiential Learning Cycle and how to use this framework as a tool for meeting facilitation.

Part 1 will focus on Facilitation Conversations and Part 2 will cover Meeting Planning & Management Skills. 


Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Learn and apply 4 fundamentals of facilitation.
  • Learn how to use the experiential learning cycle framework to guide your facilitation. 
  • Learn and apply an agenda design tool for any meeting or training.
  • Increase overall confidence & competence in facilitation. 

 Intended Audience: 


Program Coordinators, Directors, Managers, Classroom Teachers, and any staff that  facilitate meetings as part of their job.