Effective Feedback Coaching Skills

Course Code: 2278

Valuing and engaging all levels of an organization through effective feedback is critical for any business's success. Employee engagement improves when leaders, managers, and employees  know how to deliver and accept positive feedback. There is an art and a science to delivering feedback processes and performance feedback is critical to your success.  

Feedback is a gift, and how you deliver and accept feedback determines the emotional and performance outcomes of your team. Studies have shown that positive feedback increases the level of dopamine, the 'pleasure' chemical in our brains. People with active dopamine tend to be happier and more motivated, and motivated people tend to perform better overall, even when tackling something new or difficult. It's a positive loop that feeds itself, and you are demonstrating Increased Motivation right now by signing up to take this workshop.

Performance Objectives: At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: 

  • Identify formal and informal feedback, learning how to accept feedback and act.
  • Deliver positive performance feedback that motivates and inspires your direct reports to perform at higher levels.
  • Craft feedback plans for each of your direct reports to leverage in one on ones, and annual review sessions. 

Competencies Covered:  Effective communication and leadership development 

Intended Audience:  All leaders with direct reports. Front line employees who struggle with accepting and acting on feedback.