Achieving Results Through Employee Engagement

Course Code: 2368

Is it possible to be a high-standards, results-driven leader while at the same time building an engaged, fun-to-work-with team? Yes, it is, if you lean into the skills necessary to communicate clearly, inspire your team, develop your team and yourself. Having the ability to simultaneously drive for results and practice excellent people skills is a powerful combination that has a dramatic impact on a leader’s effectiveness. When a leader can drive hard for results and at the same time inspire high effort and performance, they are much more likely to achieve results.

Engaged employees have a stronger sense of purpose and are more motivated. Unfortunately, boosting engagement doesn’t happen overnight. Engagement rests on open communication, transparency, and acting on feedback. In this training, we will cover engagement strategies that will help you develop the foundation for lasting employee engagement and better business outcomes.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Create an Engagement Lean Canvas that will serve as a basis for skill development.
  • Lead through inspiration and motivation, bringing out the best in employees and unleashing their energy to do their best work.
  • Establish stretch goals collaboratively with team members, ensuring they feel valued and competent to achieve them.
  • Display high integrity and inspire trust.
  • Understand the importance of developing others and providing meaningful opportunities for new skill learning.

Competencies Covered: Leadership, inspiring and motivating others, employee performance and engagement

Intended Audience: Public sector managers, aspiring leaders, HR employees