Outward vs. Inward Mindset

Course Code: 2277

This course looks at the differences between an outward or growth mindset and an inward or fixed mindset.   We will look at how each type of mindset can impact every area of one’s life, but we will focus most of our time on how it impacts our work lives including performance, relationships, and productivity.   The outward mindset can be described as being highly aware of the group or team goals and how your actions and attitudes will affect them.  It is also a mindset that believes in change.  An inward mindset can be described as being highly focused on your own personal goals with little concern for the needs of your group or team members.   It is also a mindset that believes our basic personalities cannot be changed and thus our attitudes or mindset remains fixed.   This is a combination of lecture, case studies, and interactive activities to give the participant a strong fundamental understanding of the differences in outward vs. inward mindsets.  

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

·       Clearly understand the difference between and outward and an inward mindset

·       Recognize your primary type of mindset and those of your team members

·       Understand the type of impact that each mindset has on performance of the individual, the team, and the overall organization.

·       Learn some techniques to create a greater level of the outward mindset

·       Understand why mindset is a critical component of leadership

·       Demonstrate how mindset is a fundamental building block for individuals, teams, and organizations to be successful


Competencies Covered: Self-awareness, critical thinking, opening your mind to new ideas, and change management are all touched upon in this course.   You will learn not only how these two opposing mindsets can impact your work life but many other areas of your life as well.   What can you do to create a more outward way of thinking?

Intended Audience:  Public sector leaders