Facilitation & Presentation

Public Speaking, PowerPoint, and How to Engage an Audience

Course Code: 2413

Are you a new speaker looking to boost your confidence in meetings or need to prepare for upcoming presentations on behalf of your organization? Being able to express yourself clearly and persuasively is a valuable skill in any business setting.

This training program is designed to help you improve your public speaking abilities by teaching you effective techniques to organize your thoughts and deliver meaningful content. From fielding tough questions to presenting complex information, you'll gain the tools and skills necessary to confidently present yourself and your ideas. Join us and gain the persuasive edge you need to succeed.

Pre-Req: Beginning level of using Microsoft Office products such of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Apply quick and easy preparation methods that will work whether you have one minute or one week to prepare.
  • Understand your strengths as a presenter and how to influence to different types of people
  • Use advance features in PowerPoint for your audience and you.
  • Overcome nervousness that you may have when speaking in front of a group.
  • Use presentation techniques that establish your credibility and get people on your side.
  • Prepare, practice, and deliver a short presentation 

Competencies Covered: 

  • Planning, Research, and Organizing
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Structuring Ideas
  • Creating Presentations in PowerPoint
  • Beginnings and Endings
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Controlling Your Jitters and Overcoming Nervousness
  • Our Body Languange
  • Making Your Listener Hear You
  • Your Speaking Voice
  • Presentations

 Intended Audience: Public sector employees