Leading Others Part I (eLearning curriculum)

Course Code: 2489

This curriculum is a pre-requisite for the instructor led training (ILT) portion of the Leading Others course that fulfills Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 357-34-055.

Leading Others is a collection of learning strategies and tools that help developing leaders expand their mindset and build necessary knowledge and skills needed for leadership in the public sector. This course focuses on the mindset, interpersonal skills, and technical knowledge it takes to successfully lead others in the public sector.

The 11 eLearning modules in this curriculum will help learners understand their technical supervisory responsibilities. The eLearnings, when combined with Leading Others Part 2, fulfills WAC 357-34-055 which requires new supervisors to attend management training within their first six months of assignment. You will learn tips, tools, and techniques you can use immediately.

Learners must complete all 11 eLearning modules contained in this curriculum before enrolling in Leading Others Part 2.