Leading from the Middle: Influencing without Direct Authority

Course Code: 01-09-M578

To get the job done, effective leaders know how to use influence when they lack direct authority. They innovate, using informal power to compel key stakeholders, upward, downward, and laterally. As participants in this course, you will experience expanded positive influence by embodying the attributes of influential people, discover how to read situations in order to bring the right communication, and learn strategies to brand your leadership identity with others and with yourselves.

      Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

      • Challenge your personal assumptions about your ability to exert more influence
      • Build and leverage the power base you already possess
      • Explore how quickly problems can dissolve as a result of subtle changes in your behavior
      • Practice the art of clear, concise, direct, and tactful communication, and understand when to and when not to use it
      • Understand the importance of communicating in ways that leave others feeling uplifted
      • Emphasize positive influence by connecting actions to peoples’ values
      • Enact the three steps to establishing trust, credibility and rapport
      • Work across organizational lines to get the job done
      • Use team-development tools to share success in driving results
      • Communicate a convincing, credible professional image
      • Explore methods to overcome bureaucratic impediments
      • Gain confidence in delivering presentations through practice in small groups
      • Become a positive, powerful advocate for your area and direct reports

      Competencies covered in this course: Performance Leadership, Communications Effectiveness, development and continual learning, Organizational Management.

        Intended audience: Mid-level functional or technical managers who want to grow in leadership standing and in their ability to influence positive organizational outcomes. Also team leads and supervisors who want to learn about management for future roles.