Personal & Professional Development

Franklin Covey Working at the Speed of Trust

Course Code: 01-14-PS25
With high trust, communication, creativity, and engagement improve. Productivity speeds up and costs decrease as attention is redirected toward objectives instead of suspicion and frustration. In the Working at the Speed of Trust® work session, participants become competent in using the framework, language, and behaviors that lead to high-trust teams and organizations. Participants also identify and address “trust gaps” in their personal credibility and relationships at work.

A critical part of this workshop involves a pre-work assignment to be completed before the class. You will be receiving information about 2 weeks before the workshop from the instructor outlining the pre-work assignment that includes a benchmark assessment.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
  • Practice the 13 Behaviors of High Trust to develop, restore, and extend trust.
  • Create a Trust Action Plan to increase personal credibility and influence.
  • Practice communicating transparently, respectfully, and directly.
  • Identify how to extend appropriate levels of trust with co-workers.
  • Improve their track record of keeping commitments through a Peer Accountability Process.

Competencies covered in this course: Personal Skill Development

Intended Audience: Public sector employees interested in developing, restoring and extending trust. For those who supervise, there is also a 2-day course available called Leading at the Speed of Trust.

Materials: Each participant will receive the following materials:
  • Participant workbook
  • Trust Action Cards
  • Speed of Trust paperback book
  • Access to award-winning Speed of Trust App