Technical Writing for Public Sector Professionals

Course Code: 01-03-EW37

    Learn methods to focus your technical or professional writing process; make writing tasks easier and produce high-quality deliverables. Learn to convey complex information clearly to users with and without subject-matter expertise.


    All public sector writers work with complex information and must translate ideas for others who do not have specialized training or knowledge. That makes you a technical writer! —Join us and gain skills to become a confident, effective public sector writer.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Perform user assessments—you’ll conduct a basic user assessment in this course.
    • Write everything with a user focus: write to meet your users’ information needs. 
    • Convey complex ideas in simple, clear language. 
    • Plan a technical document from draft to final copy. 
    • Gain and hold readers’ attention through information design and relevant, clear language. 
    • Write without redundancies, jargon, technical clichés, ambiguity, or generalizations. 
    • Write in active voice, in every scenario. 
    • Use plain-talk compliant information design to achieve your objectives. 
    • Boost reading ease and usability with visual devices. 
    • Write email that meets readers’ needs with relevant, key information. 
    • Decide how and when to represent data visually in tables, graphs, and charts. 
    • Use job aids: 10 direct and indirect reporting format templates, planning checklists, user assessment tools, and advice for managing writing projects and teams.

      Competencies covered in this course: Written communication

        Intended Audience: Public sector technical writers to include engineers, researchers, scientists, medical specialists and their technical office staff; as well as anyone who rewrites, edits, or proofreads technical documents.