Centennial Challenge

2019-2020: 100 new trees for the Capitol Campus

Enterprise Services partnered with the Department of Natural Resources to plant 100 trees on the Capitol Campus between October 2019 and October 2020 in association with a challenge issued by the National Association of State Foresters (NASF).

The plantings helped to jump-start overall DES tree planting plans.

A primary goal: Ensure a variety of tree sizes and ages throughout the campus into the future so that -- as trees reach the end of their life cycles -- there will not be large gaps on the campus.

In addition, three new moon trees were planted on the campus on Feb. 13, 2020.

2021: Another100 trees

DES plans to plant more than 100 additional trees by the end of 2021.

Tree planting plans are guided by two existing landscaping plans:

  • West Campus: Guided by the West Capitol Campus Historic Landscape Preservation Master Plan (2009 Mithun). The landscaping plan for West Campus is based on the original campus design (Olmsted Plan), which features more informal planting arrangements on the edge of campus that become formal in the center of the historic district.
  • East Campus: Guided by East Campus Plaza Program and Schematic Design Plan (1996 EDAW Plan)

Tree planting photos

View the Flickr photo album of the Centennial Challenge tree planting efforts.