Building Projects

Past Projects

  • Natural Resources Building Parking Garage Fire Suppression and Critical Repairs Project (May-Nov. 2017) - This work replaced all fire sprinkler piping on level P3 and the tunnel between NRB and OB2 and repaired earthquake bracing. It also addressed the problem of water penetrating into the pre-cast concrete panels of the parking structure by replacing the waterproof membrane on levels P-1 and P-2 with a more durable sealant product that should greatly reduce the water infiltration issue. The water infiltration threatens the structural integrity of the garage and causes calcium carbonate and water-saturated fire retardant chemicals to drip on to parked vehicles. Work also replaced the leaking membrane on the mezzanine of the NRB. When the rainy season began, it was discovered that the ramp connecting level P-1 to P-2 was too slippery for vehicles to gain traction. The ramp was closed until the summer when the weather was dry enough to apply a new surface.
  • Interior Lighting Project (2017) - DES conducted an Investment Grade Audit of interior lighting in Capitol Campus buildings and other DES facilities in Thurston County in 2017-18, to develop a scope of work for upgrades to achieve energy savings.
  • Parking Garage Fire Suppression System Repairs (March 2015 - July 2015) – This project replaced the failing fire suppression system on levels P-1 and P-2 in the Natural Resources Building parking garage. The work included replacement of the current piping with galvanized pipe, re-hanging the pipe, adding necessary condensate nozzles and earthquake bracing.
  • Roof Replacement and Multi-Purpose Room Water Infiltration Project (August 2014 - March 2015) – This $5.1 million project replaced the 20-year-old roof and repaired the sources of leaks into the multi-purpose room at the southeast corner of the building.
  • White noise system replacement – This $35,000 project replaced the 24-year-old white noise system, used to mask distracting sounds.
  • Water system repairs (Jan. 2013 – Oct. 2014) – This $113,453 project equalized water flow rates in the building by repairing and replacing pumps and valves to speed the delivery of hot water to faucets, conserve water, protect pipes and ensure the system works as designed.
  • Roof and Exterior Repairs Project (July 2012 – Jan. 2013) – This $4.5 million project repaired and replaced portions of the roof and most of the exterior cladding and windows on the south side of the building to stop water from infiltrating the building. Rainwater was entering the building through failing sections of the roof and at small spaces between window frames and exterior siding, and then collecting in wall cavities causing non-toxic fungal growth (mold) inside the walls.

Building History

The Natural Resources Building is a 387,558 square-foot, welded-steel-frame structure completed in 1992. The building has six above-grade stories and three sub-grade parking floors. The fifth and sixth floors are cantilevered and extend beyond the lower floors on the eastern end of the building, supported by long columns.

The building cost $68,805,641 to complete, and was paid for using reimbursable bonds, a form of general obligation bond that is paid from sources other than the general fund. The building was built using the design-build method of project delivery, instead of the more common design–bid–build approach.