Personal & Professional Development

Working Effectively with the Boss

Course Code: 2378

Management is a relationship.  As with any relationship, both parties must play their part to make it work well.  When either the manager or the staff member does not uphold their end of the relationship, it causes problems for the other.  If both parties know what should be happening, however, each can act as if the other were doing their part, and this can make the rela­tionship work more smoothly, even when one party is not behaving “properly”. 

This workshop helps people create a more productive relationship with their supervisors.  It teaches employees how they can help their boss be a more effective manager and how they can get more satisfaction from their jobs. As a result, the organization can operate more effectively. 

Sample topics covered

·       Four different was of interacting with the boss and the implication of

·       How to avoid delegating upward

·       How to create an effective recommendation

·       Making sure you and your boss are working from the same set of priorities

·       How to avoid being micro-managed

·       How to influence your boss while allowing her to keep things under control


·       Opportunities to try out the skills in the workshop

·       Free follow-up coaching

Intended Audience:  Managers and front-line employees