Creating a Motivational Mindset

Course Code: 2255

This course combines Human Development concepts and tools that enable you to develop the exact habits and mindsets you need to be effective at the highest levels. Techniques exist to re-train your mind to become more motivated & productive in life and in business. By applying the 1 Degree concept in your daily activities, you’ll discover how to have a powerful, positive influence on others.

You will learn how to build a motivational mindset and acquire the skills to overcome demotivators that hold you and members of your team back from producing improved outcomes. You’ll also practice easy to apply tips to improve your own self-talk and how to raise team member’s performance.

To help keep you on track and build your skills, you will create a personalized development plan to implement these powerful concepts and techniques in your work and personal life.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • define and describe a positive, motivational Mindset;
  • use positive interpersonal communication techniques in daily work interactions;
  • define various approaches to motivation;
  • apply motivational Mindset concepts and behaviors in the work setting;
  • create a personal coaching plan for working with team members.

Competencies Covered:  Fixed mindset versus growth mindset, neuroplasticity of the human brain, continuous self-improvement, resilience, emotional intelligence, and motivational concepts and techniques