Delegating Effectively

Course Code: 2256

Delegating Effectively (1/2 Day)


Learning to delegate improves productivity and makes managers and supervisors significantly more productive. Yet, most managers struggle with how to effectively delegate at many points in their careers. Once things are delegated, the manager loses control and for many people that is an uncomfortable feeling. But in the end, delegating to team members works to make the manager more productive, and it gives members of the team opportunities to grow professionally and apply skills to new and challenging tasks.

You’ll learn to recognize which tasks should be delegated and be able to know which team member(s) is capable and ready to produce the desired outcomes.


Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:


·       Identify your team members’ readiness for producing the desired outcome of a delegated task

·       Name and apply the six stages of delegation

·       Know what NOT to delegate

·       State the difference between task assignment versus delegation

·       Implement a plan for effectively delegating work back on the job


Competencies Covered:

Trust in your team; building team member capability; application of Situational Leadership concepts; interpersonal communication; building trust; producing results