360 Degree Assessment Debriefing

Course Code: 2414

The purpose of the debrief meeting for the leader taking the assessment is to:

  •           help raise self-awareness of the leader or recipient taking the assessment
  • help the recipient understand what the feedback is really saying to them
  • help the recipient accept that there is information they need to pay attention to
  • identify any areas where they need to take action because of the feedback.

 The role of the facilitator is to:

     ·     Facilitate the recipient’s understanding of what the report is saying

  • Help the recipient develop a realistic self-perception in relation to the chosen competencies
  • Manage defensiveness, excessive self-criticism, over-optimism
  • Provide in-the-moment feedback, if appropriate
  • Help identify specific development areas

The key elements to look for in the report and to serve as a focus for the debrief are as follows:

  • Overall impression - what are the high-level themes?
  • Consistency of the feedback - is the self-assessment in line with others’ feedback? Is there consistent feedback from different types of respondents?
  • Key points from the comments - how does the narrative support the ratings?
  • Key strengths
  • Key development areas