Introduction to Elemental Leadership

Course Code: 2285

This course introduces Elemental Leadership® model.  This practical training ensures that each participant becomes familiar with all elements comprising this leadership model: grounding, reflecting, expanding, inspiring, and achieving.  If you attend, you will gain an appreciation of the importance of each element in being a competent leader, increase your awareness of your individual leadership strengths and identify areas of growth, and finally emerge with an actionable leadership development plan. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

·       Ground your leadership approach in personal and organizational values, and identifying ways to embed values in all aspects of your team’s functioning

·       Use reflective practice, increasing self-awareness, exploring how stress affects your leadership and recognizing the impact of your actions and emotions

·       Developing quality relationships, thinking critically, and moving through conflict effectively

·       Inspiring and motivating teams

·       Achieve sustainable results and celebrate successes 

Competencies Covered: As an introduction to the model, this course focuses primarily on the participant’s own leadership development and has less content related to equipping participants to develop others in their team.  The competencies for participants focus on the elements in the model—How to ground personal and organizational values, reflect on personal growth and weaknesses, expanding competencies through quality relationships, maintaining inspiration, and recognizing sustainable achievement. 

Intended Audience: This training is best suited for emerging leaders and people looking for an overview of their leadership strengths and areas for improvement.