Information Technology

Outlook 2016 Level 1

Course Code: 01-04-D727
Email is essential in today’s business place and learning how to manage this correspondence tool will save you time and increase efficiency. This course provides you with the skills you need to compose and send email, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information and schedule tasks in Microsoft ™ Outlook 2016. Learn to maintain your calendar, use folders to organize messages, and create and edit tasks.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Understand creating, acting on, adding content and signatures of messages
    • Schedule appointments, meetings and task assignments
    • Manage and create contact groups within Outlook
    • Create, manage and assign Tasks within Outlook
    • Explore the customized ribbon

      Intended Audience: Participants should be familiar with using a mouse and keyboard; comfortable launching and closing programs; navigating to information stored on the computer; and managing files and folders.

        Recommended Pre-requisite: All interested individuals who have taken a Windows course or equivalent experience.