Personal & Professional Development

Strengthen Your Workplace Influence (4 Hours)

Course Code: 2369

Designed to empower the employee with the tools necessary to lead with influence, empathy, and confidence, while making a positive difference in their organization, and with their teams. We will walk you through exercises that build your confidence by providing the tools necessary to showcase your strengths. Next you will reflect upon your empathy skills, your EQ, and how to flex this skill to make an impact.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Create a Personal Lean Canvas (template used as a building block for skill development).
  • Understand the corporate culture, needs of the organization, and how you connect to the solutions.
  • Incorporate impactful communication skills into your everyday language.
  • Create a positive work environment for yourself to thrive and feel a sense of belonging through your communications.
  • Lean into your confidence and promote your accomplishments.
  • Intended Audience: All employees who want to improve their communication