Violence in the Workplace

Course Code: 01-07-M206


This course discusses difficult and highly sensitive topics, such as various forms of harassment, discrimination, and other inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. If you need help processing potentially challenging content, please reach out to the Employee Assistance Program or your HR office for further support.

Workplace violence is on the rise, making it crucial for employees to understand, recognize, and skillfully handle such situations. Effective communication and awareness can help defuse potential issues before they evolve into bigger, riskier problems. This training program provides you with tools for managing a variety of risk behaviors. These range from infrequent and less severe behaviors to escalated ones. We'll teach you everything you need to handle an active threat, address bullying, foster a safe working environment, and more.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the definitions, levels, costs, and impacts of violence in the workplace.
  • React effectively to escalating behavior.
  • Document relevant situations and events.
  • Report potential risks.
  • Dialogue respectfully about safety, challenges, and situations.
  • Create a plan to increase safety.
  • Lend support to others and access resources.
  • Contribute to creating and maintaining safe environments.
  • Consult with human resources (HR), safety personnel, and managers.

Intended Audience: All audiences.