Violence in the Workplace

Course Code: 01-07-M206


This course discusses difficult and highly sensitive topics, such as various forms of harassment, discrimination, and other inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. If you need help processing potentially challenging content, please reach out to the Employee Assistance Program or your HR office for further support

Violence in the Workplace is occurring at an increasingly high rate.  Correspondingly, awareness, knowledge and skills around violence are increasingly important for today’s workforce.  Furthermore, recognition and communication provide opportunities to address behavior and actions effectively before they become higher risk and greater impact.

This training applies the performance objectives to a range of risk behaviors from low frequency and low severity to escalated behaviors  Topics include: Understanding workplace violence; Managing escalated behavior & Preparing for an Active Threat; Recognizing and supporting safety for Domestic/Relational Violence targets; Recognizing and addressing Bullying/Controlling behaviors; Recognizing and reporting “Red Flag”/Pre-incident Indicative behaviors


Performance Objectives

Participants who successfully complete this training will be able to


Violence: definitions; Low-High levels; Costs & Impacts


Effectively to escalating behavior


Notes, documentation of situations, events


Alerting others about potential risks and to follow events

Respond Respectfully

Dialogue about safety, challenges, situations


Create a plan for increasing safety


Lending support to others and accessing resources


To contribute to creating, maintaining safe environments

additionally, for those in a supervisorial position at any level


Consult with HR, Safety personnel, manager, etc.


Individual responsibility for contributing to safe work environments through awareness, skilled interactions, and effective communication with appropriate personnel for addressing any situation posing risk of violence.