Human Resources

Human Resource Essentials (16 Hours)

Course Code: 01-09-HR51

Anintroduction to the challenging and ever-changing field of human resources,this overview class will use real-life case studies as a basis for discussingHR’s role and its potential impact on an organization.  The class will cover acronyms and jargon usedin the profession; the competencies required to be successful as an HRpractitioner; an explanation of available HR certifications; and an overview ofthe HR Certificate program.  This course is a recommended prerequisiteto attending other HR certification courses.


Course is designedaround HRCI® and SHRM exam content areas to prepare for the examination.


Performance Objectives:  Upon completion of this course you should beable to:


·       Identify HR acronymsand jargon

·       Define human capitaland explain its importance to the organization

·       Define and explain therole of HR in the following areas and the challenges in each, including:


oWorkforcePlanning and Employment

oHumanResource Development


oEmployeeand Labor Relations


·       Explain the keycompetencies needed by HR professionals and why certification is important.

·       Discuss currentchallenges facing HR

·       List common ethical issuesfaced by HR professionals

·       Identify industry certifications

Competenciescovered in this course: Human Resourceessentials.


Intended Audience: Individuals seekingto enter the field of human resources; non-HR professionals in supervisoryroles who have the responsibility for interviewing, training, evaluating, ordisciplining employees; and new or experienced managers interested in learningmore about efficient employee management skills.


Pre-requisites: None