Enterprise Services begins rulemaking to adopt enforceable restrictions on parking on the Capitol Campus, with a focus on Deschutes Parkway

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is addressing issues with overnight and extended parking on Deschutes Parkway that are raising concerns about public health, safety and the environment. A rulemaking process is required before the agency can adopt enforceable restrictions on parking.

The agency has begun rulemaking, and is seeking initial feedback on enacting a rule to adopt enforceable restrictions on parking on the Capitol Campus.

The agency is especially interested in thoughts on:

  • Parking along Deschutes Parkway, and possible hours for parking restrictions.
  • Should there be allowable exceptions to any restrictions enacted?
  • Other roadways on the campus where DES should consider parking restrictions.

After an initial round of stakeholder input, DES will share a discussion draft of the rule and seek feedback on the draft before filing a formal rule proposal with the Office of the Code Reviser.

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Please send your thoughts 24 / 7 to DES via this feedback form.

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