Safety measures on Capitol Campus to continue

As we head into the weekend, the Department of Enterprise Services anticipates several non-permitted events regarding a variety of topics.

For public safety reasons, measures such as certain West Capitol Campus road closures will continue. The purpose of the closures is to keep people safe, not to keep people out. Measures such as vehicle barricades and campus road closures are routinely scheduled as part of arrangements related to campus event permits. Such measures support people's ability to peacefully assemble and express their freedom of speech, without the concern of vehicles impacting this activity as well as preserving emergency vehicle access.

Safety measures are still being taken, though DES is not currently issuing event permits. DES will not issue permits for any Capitol Campus events until July 8, 2020 at the earliest in compliance with the status on allowed gatherings in the phased reopening plan for Washington State. DES will continue to closely monitor status for Thurston County as it moves through each phase for potential re-opening time frames.