Capitol Lake - Deschutes Estuary comment period extended

OLYMPIA – The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is extending the public comment period for a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Capitol Lake - Deschutes Estuary Long-Term Management Project through Aug. 29.

The previous deadline for comments was Aug. 13. The required comment period for an EIS is 30 days. DES opted to take comments for 45 days initially, and then extended the deadline after receiving requests from stakeholders.

“We’re pleased that stakeholders and the public are really digging into this document and being thorough in their comments. This comment period is really about providing information to improve the analysis of impacts, so we have the best body of information available when it is time to identify a preferred alternative,” said Bill Frare, DES Assistant Director for Facility Professional Services.

All comments submitted will be considered equally regardless of when or how they are submitted.

Ways to comment

Guide to commenting

Comments that are identical (e.g., form letters) or similar in nature will be treated as single comments.

Comments that address a specific aspect of the project or the Draft EIS, rather than simply expressing a preference for or against the project alternatives, are most useful. Comments should be as specific as possible. It is also helpful if the comments refer to chapters and pages of the Draft EIS.

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About the Draft EIS

The Draft EIS contains an impartial analysis of three long-term management alternatives – a managed lake, an estuary, and a hybrid – and discusses how the environment would change under these alternatives, including potential impacts and benefits, and ways to avoid or minimize the impacts. An EIS supports informed decision making. Neither short-term actions like dredging nor a long-term management alternative can be implemented without an EIS.

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