Capitol Campus parking update and safety tips

Employee parking on Campus

Monthly parking

If you park on the Capitol Campus more than 13 days a month, the most cost-effective choice is to sign up for a $35 monthly payroll deduction online. It’s easy!

To avoid getting a citation if you need to park before you receive your sticker:

  • Print your receipt and place it in plain view on your dashboard, or
  • Contact the Parking Office and give them your license plate number.

Day passes
If you work on the Capitol Campus just a few days each month, you can purchase a day pass for $2.80.

  • At a visitor lot meter, choose “Day Pass CTR.”
  • Place the receipt in plain view on your dashboard.
  • Park in the area assigned to your agency (visitor lots are still reserved for visitors).
  • You can also purchase up to eight day passes at a time from the Parking Office. Visit the DES website for more information and office hours.
  • Parking is free in the evening and on weekends.

Stay safe

Prevent vehicle break-ins
We hate to say it but vehicle break-ins can occur on campus. Some tips on preventing a break-in are:

  • Lock your doors and close your windows.
  • Don’t leave items that look like they could contain valuables in sight. These include:
    • Shopping bags
    • Laptop cases
    • Backpacks

If you see something, say something

Safety Concern - If you see something that could pose a safety risk, such as an icy area, poor lighting, elevator outage, or similar situation, please call (360) 725-0000.

Security Concern - If you find yourself or observe others in crisis, or in an emergency situation promptly report the incident:

  • Emergencies: If you experience or observe a life/safety emergency or a crime in progress, immediately call 911.
  • Non-emergencies requiring law enforcement response: Call the Washington State Patrol (WSP) non-emergency phone number at (360) 596-4555.
  • Capitol Campus non-emergencies not requiring law enforcement response: Call Capitol Security & Visitor Services (CSVS) at (360) 407-9111.

Be alert

Increased vehicle traffic brings more pedestrian traffic to Olympia. Whether you’re driving or walking, be aware of what is happening around you.

When driving:

  • Go slow. The maximum speed limit in Capitol Campus parking lots and garages is 12 mph.
  • Follow the signs to navigate your parking area.
  • Be aware of the vehicles next to you when you are entering or exiting your parking stall or vehicle to avoid accidents like collisions or door dings.
  • Use your mirrors.
  • Avoid distractions.

When walking:

  • Consider wearing reflective clothing or carry a light with you so drivers can see you after dark.
  • Use marked pedestrian walkways and crosswalks. Remember that electric and hybrid vehicles can be very quiet.
  • Give yourself time, be aware of your surroundings and use extra caution during peak traffic hours.
  • Stay alert and avoid distractions.

And remember, the cold, wet weather of the Pacific Northwest can bring slippery conditions. Whether you’re driving or walking, use extra caution during rainy or icy days.

Report damage

If your vehicle is damaged while in a campus parking lot or garage, contact your insurance carrier and report it to the WSP at (360) 586-1998 if it’s not an emergency.

If a state vehicle you are driving is damaged, contact your Agency Transportation Officer.

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