Crews prepare for possible flooding in Olympia areas near Capitol Lake

Due to snowmelt, a forecast of heavy rain, above-freezing temperatures and high tides, Department of Enterprise Services (DES) crews are preparing for and taking steps to address potential flooding at Capitol Lake, including Heritage Park. DES is asking people to be careful as they commute and do business around the lake.

Crews are taking steps to ready for a response, including staging materials in the area such as sandbags. DES crews also are coordinating their efforts with the City of Olympia crews to reduce the risk for any potential downtown flooding.

Sandbags are available to local businesses and residents in the following City staging areas:

  • Fast Fuel – 303 Thurston Ave NE
  • City of Olympia Maintenance Center – 1401 Eastside St SE
  • Olympia Supply (City supplied) – 625 Columbia St SW

Affected areas

If flooding occurs, then Capitol Lake and Heritage Park will be partially or completely closed.

For potential impacts to the rest of the City and the City’s response to those impacts refer to the City of Olympia Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as any City news releases.

Flood monitoring

The DES flood monitoring tool helps the agency lessen the risk and severity of flooding by taking action to reduce lake levels, predict when flooding may occur, and better collaborate with the City of Olympia in advance when conditions are such that Capitol Lake cannot be drawn down enough to prevent flooding. The flood forecast tool examines:

  • Tide levels
  • Barometric pressure, which can change the tide levels by 1 to 2 feet
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Lake level settings
  • Deschutes River current and advanced projected flows

Who to call

If you witness flooding within the bike or travel lanes near Capitol Lake tomorrow, please drive carefully and once you can safely make a phone call contact Olympia’s Public Works Dispatch at (360) 753-8333.

Stay updated

For the latest updates, please follow these Twitter accounts: