We want your feedback on proposed changes to campus use rules

Updates focus on adding appeal process to exclusion rules and technical edits for clarification and clean-up purposes

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is seeking feedback through Aug. 1 as updates are made to rules that apply to use of the Capitol Campus grounds and public areas of buildings.

The purpose for the update is to:

  • Align the rules with current state laws (RCWs) for clarification and clean-up. Changes will not alter existing practices.
  • Make technical edits for clarification and clean up. This includes clarifying that Washington State Patrol (WSP) does have delegated authority from DES for enforcement on the campus and that the extra step of a DES complaint is not a prerequisite.
  • Establish a process for appealing campus exclusion in the enforcement section. Exclusion is an administrative process that can be used instead of citing someone for criminal trespass, which is a misdemeanor. Right now, the option to use this civil process is not available due to the gap in the rules. DES and WSP use overall public safety as a guide in seeking compliance with rules and laws. Our general approach is to use the lowest level enforcement action, starting with seeking voluntary compliance, whenever possible.

Seeking feedback

We’d like to invite you to join the conversation. Sharing your ideas and thoughts now, early in the rulemaking process, allows us to incorporate your feedback as we craft changes to the rules.

Next steps

After reviewing initial feedback, DES will formally propose rule changes and hold a public comment period and public hearing.

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