Alert system for Capitol Campus now accepting off-campus subscribers

November 30, 2012

Capitol Campus Update

OLYMPIA – The Department of Enterprise Services and the Washington State Patrol recently launched a notification system that emails or texts subscribers about incidents that occur on the Capitol Campus.

How does the system work?

The Patrol and Enterprise Services will use the system to send short notification messages to subscribers during:

  • Emergency situations.
  • Potentially dangerous situations.
  • Weather-related closures or other business disruptions which have occurred or may occur.

The Patrol is in charge of emergency notifications that require a law enforcement response (threats, evacuations, etc.). Enterprise Services will issue notifications for campus operational alerts (power outages, road closures due to snow and ice, etc.).

How do I subscribe to receive notifications?

Individuals who wish to receive these notifications can use the online subscription form, which requires an email address or cell phone number.

At least one email address or cell phone number is required to subscribe, although subscribers are not limited in the number of different email addresses or cell phone numbers they can register. If you wish to subscribe multiple email addresses or cell phone numbers, simply repeat the subscription process with the different email addresses or cell phone numbers.

Subscribers should also note that some or all of the information they provide on the subscription form may be disclosed if requested under Washington State's Public Records Act.


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