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How a veteran-owned business turned to federal surplus to upgrade its equipment

In need of a generator to power large-scale water filtration projects, JJH Earthworks turned to DES and the federal surplus program available to veterans who own small businesses.


JJH Earthworks is a veteran-owned company providing environmental and construction services within the Pacific Northwest and west coast, including green energy projects and fish rehab projects. Among its environmental services, the company conducts on-site water filtration and treatment in areas that have no electricity. Remove locations generators to power all tools and equipment. Owner Jeff Huber found his company's generators weren't large enough for large water treatment jobs and wanted to purchase a large generator to take on this scale of project. 


Jeff started to research where and how to afford large generators for his business and team. He learned about the Veteran Small Business Enhancement Act, which makes federal surplus items available to veterans who own small businesses. Through the act, DES Surplus Operations is able to manage the distribution of federal surplus property to veteran-owned small businesses.

After his company certified as a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Jeff contacted Dale Richardson with the DES Surplus Operations federal priority team, who promptly found and transferred a 10kw generator to JJH Earthworks. 

"JJH Earthworks acquired this generator to power a water treatment station in Duvall," said Dale. "In one weekend alone, the generator was able to process over 150,000 gallons of turbid water and discharge it back into the Snoqualmie River wetlands. "


Jeff's company can now do larger jobs to restore and protect fish habitat. He says the generator is quiet, which is important because they want their presence to the the least intrusive as possible. And it runs on diesel fuel, a cleaner alternative to gasoline.

"We are a veteran-owned company and have some benefits accordingly, but we still have to get out and hustle and work," said Jeff. "Showing up to a job with good gear establishes value, especially in the critical area where that generator is at now." 

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