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Vendor Debarment


Contact Information

Melynda Campbell
(360) 407-8137

What is debarment?

DES is authorized to fine or debar contractors under Revised Code of Washington 39.26.200.

Debarment is a process by which a contractor, individual, or other entity is prohibited from submitting a bid, having a bid considered, or entering into a state contract during a period of time specified in a debarment order.

Vendor debarment is not a punishment, but a procedure to ensure that state-funded business is conducted legally with responsible parties, maintaining the integrity of the state’s procurement process.

The authority to levy fines or debar businesses or individuals is based on the principle that the state should not conduct business with any company or person that practices serious unethical or illegal conduct, or has breached a public trust by engaging in dishonest practices in government contracting.

How do I refer a vendor for debarment?

  1. Send an email to with the completed form attached.
  2. Or
  3. Print a completed form and mail it to:
    Department of Enterprise Services
    Debarment Office
    1500 Jefferson St. SE
    MS 41466
    Olympia, WA 98504-1466

Other information

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  • List of debarred vendors - No debarments are in effect at this time.
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