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Enterprise Contract Management System (ECMS)


Contact Information:

DES IT Support Center(Technical Assistance)

ECMS Customer Service (System access, User Group Info, etc.)

ECMS is a secure web application for managing, reporting and tracking agency contract information. It provides an input and database structure for agencies to enter contract information. Many contract fields are pre-defined with selection of values from drop-down lists, which provides constancy in the information entered in each field.

ECMS utilizes Web Intelligence for Ad Hoc Reporting. The Contract Management Universe in Web Intelligence provides users the ability to query, organize, and analyze data for reporting and researching.

Using ECMS

Helpful hints and frequently asked questions

What does the Enterprise Contract Management System (ECMS) do?

The system is used for managing and reporting an agency's contract information. The system provides a structure for entering all contract information to include amendments, orders, and order amendments, along with contract payments. The system also allows agencies to attach all contract documents, notes, and provides automatic alerts on expiring contracts. An audit log is kept for all entries made to a contract.

How do I get access to ECMS?

ECMS is administered at the agency level. Contact your agency's administrator for the system to be added as a new user to the system. Once you are set up in the system, your agency administrator will provide you with a User ID and password.

If your agency needs to add an agency administrator to the system, please email a request to or (360) 407-2214. Be sure to include the name and email address for the individual the agency is requesting to be set up as an agency administrator.

If your agency is interested in using ECMS, please send a request to or (360) 407-2214. DES is available to provide demonstrations of ECMS for an agency upon request.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

ECMS is administered at the agency level. Contact your agency's administrator for the system to reset your password.

Help! The system says I'm locked out. What do I do?

After five (5) unsuccessful attempts to log in, ECMS initiates a "lock-out". Please use the "forgot password" feature first. If you still cannot log-in, then contact your agency ECMS administrator to have your password reset.

Who do I contact if I have a technical issue?

If you are having technical issues with the system, please contact contact DES IT Support 4U or (360) 407-2244.

How do I get set up to use ECMS Ad Hoc Reporting?

Please contact DES IT Support 4U or (360) 407-2244.

For more information about ECMS, please contact or (360) 407-2214.