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Capitol Campus Projects - Summer 2019

East Plaza Water Infiltration Repairs

Aerial photo of construction site

The East Plaza project will stop water from leaking into the Plaza Garage and redesign a portion of the East Plaza to better complement the intended landscape design of the East Capitol Campus. This project is scheduled to last through December. Learn more.

Roof Replacements on Cherberg and Insurance Buildings

Aged roofs are being replaced on the Cherberg and Insurance buildings this summer. The replacements will alleviate chronic leaks in the Cherberg Building as well as water damage in the Insurance Building. There will be noise, pedestrian, parking and traffic impacts.

Campus Sidewalk and ADA Access Improvements

Sidewalks as well as ADA access are being improved throughout the Capitol Campus in July and August. The project also includes new ADA access into and throughout the Sunken Garden. There will be noise, traffic and pedestrian impacts. Learn more.

Capitol Court Exterior Repairs

A project to clean and repair the historic Capitol Court building's exterior sandstone, replace doors and fully restore the building's wood window frames will begin in early August and last through November. There will be noise, parking and pedestrian impacts as well as dust at times. Learn more.