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Capitol Campus Improvement Projects

DES oversees a variety of projects on the Capitol Campus. 

Active Projects

Legislative Campus Modernization (LCM) (Multi-Phased Project)
Replace the Irving R. Newhouse Building, renovate the Joel M. Pritchard Library, and renovate the third and fourth floors of the John L. O'Brien Building. The project will address space needs of legislative agencies and critical issues within these buildings.
Phase: Planning 
Status: Ongoing 
Contact: DESLCM@des.wa.gov

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Campus Color Initiative
Adding year-round color to the Capitol Campus by planting a mix of perennials, annuals and wildflowers and maintaining state symbol banners.  
Phase: Ongoing
Status: Seasonal planting/maintenance underway
Contact: brent.chapman@des.wa.gov

Capitol Childcare Center
A new childcare center at the corner of Capitol Way South and Maple Park Avenue Southeast will serve state workers and their families, and also enhance the southern gateway to the Capitol Campus.
Phase: Construction complete
Status: Contract signed with childcare provider, licensing underway  
Contact: childcarecenter@des.wa.gov

Capitol Court Generator
Improving tenant safety by installing a new generator that will provide backup power to the building in the event of a power outage.
Phase: Construction
Status: Underway 
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
Improving public safety and security in the Columbia, Plaza, Natural Resources Building and Transportation parking garages by enhancing cellular networks and making an important step toward improved support for other systems that require cell phone connection such as EV chargers, automated key boxes and mapping.
Phase: Construction
Status: Underway; Parking garage work areas and closed parking stalls map updated weekly
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Elevator Modernization (Multi-Phased Project)
An ongoing program to modernize elevators on the Capitol Campus that is taking place over multiple biennia. Work on different elevators is funded each biennium. 

21-23 Biennium: Temple of Justice, Capitol Court, and Isabella Bush ADA Lift
Phase: Construction
Status: Underway
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Temple of Justice Systems Renewal: HVAC, Lighting, Plumbing and Security Improvements
Replacement of aging HVAC system, building plumbing system, and lighting and controls throughout the building.
Phase: Design
Status: Design anticipated for completion March 2022
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Completed projects

Campus-Wide Electrical Service Panels Arc Flash Study
Risk assessment of electrical panels throughout the campus and at other DES-managed properties. This study led to new standardized panel labeling, provided safety awareness training for personnel accessing these panels, and identified appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
Completed: 2020
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Capitol Campus Utility Renewal Plan – 15th Avenue Water Main
New water main was installed along 15th Avenue and Water Street. This waterline connects to the Olympia city water system and increases available fire flow and water pressure in historic buildings. 
Completed: 2019
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Capitol Conservatory Demolition
Demolition of the Capitol Conservatory building and related utilities.
Completed: 2021
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Cherberg Building Exterior Repair
Exterior cleaning, minor masonry repair and water leak prevention.
Completed: 2022
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Building Exterior Repairs to Address Water Leaks: Capitol Court
Exterior cleaning and major masonry repairs to the Capitol Court building.
Completed: 2021
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

East Plaza Water Infiltration and Elevator Repairs: Phase 5b (Multi-Phased Project)
Improvement plan that takes place over multiple biennia for repairs to the East Plaza Parking Garage. Work funded 1997-2019 is complete and includes the replacement of the OB2 waterproof membrane, landscaping, and upgrades to the garage and 14th Avenue tunnel.
Completed: 2021
Contact: eastplaza@des.wa.gov 

Insurance Building Exterior Preservation
Cleaning and masonry repairs to the Insurance Building's historic sandstone.
Completed: 2021
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Legislative Building Exterior Preservation Cleaning (2019-21 Roof Repairs)
Roof repairs to address many observed water leaks throughout the Legislative Building, including the building’s four mini-domes and fourth-floor roof parapets. 
Completed: 2021
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Legislative Building Exterior Preservation Cleaning (2017-19 Dome Cleaning)
Cleaning and masonry repairs to the Legislative Building’s dome and the building’s exterior above the plaza level.
Completed: 2018
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Old Capitol Building Flue Pipe Replacement and Underground Storage Tank Replacement
Removal and replacement of building's flue pipe and underground diesel fuel storage tank.
Completed: 2022
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov

Roof Replacement: Cherberg and Insurance buildings
Roof replacement projects improved roof drainage, removed obsolete heating/ventilation/cooling equipment, replaced some skylights, replaced the roof membrane and added insulation.
Completed: 2018
Contact: DESPPDmail@des.wa.gov