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Sidewalk and ADA Access Improvements

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Project will bring ADA access to Sunken Garden for first time

Sidewalks as well as ADA access are being improved throughout the Capitol Campus. The project also includes new ADA access into and throughout the Sunken Garden. An accessible walking path will be constructed around and through realigned landscape beds, and modifications will be made to the west entrance. The reconfigured sunken garden beds will be planted with a combination of plants from the existing beds and new site appropriate perennials.

The Department of Enterprise Services has contracted with Serpanok Construction of Tacoma to perform the work. Work began in mid-July and is expected to last through August. There will be noise, traffic and pedestrian impacts. Portions of the sidewalks on Capitol Campus will be closed during the work.

Work this week

Washington Street: Work will continue.

  • Half of the Capitol Court parking ramp off Washington Street has been demolished. New concrete is being poured Aug. 12. The other half of the ramp will remain open during construction.

  • Demolition of the second half of the ramp will begin on Aug. 19. The entire ramp is scheduled to reopen Sept. 3. The scheduled reopen date may be adjusted due to weather or unforeseen conditions.


Upcoming work

  • Pleasant Lane: Beginning Aug. 13 the street will be closed to all traffic at the west end of the Capitol Building through the end of August. The lane closure does not impact pedestrian traffic at the crosswalk. In addition, parking and traffic around the Temple of Justice will not be impacted.
  • North Diagonal: Beginning Aug. 20 the diagonal will be closed to pedestrian traffic.

Work area maps

Capitol Campus sidewalks

A map that shows the traffic flow on the south side of the building during the sidewalk construction. Traffic will come into the parking area from the east, then travel to the west side of the parking area and then be routed back to the east. Thru access will not be possible as Pleasant Lane SW on the west side of the Legislative Building will be closed during construction.

Southwest corner of the Legislative Building to the northeast corner of the O'Brien Building

West side of Washington Street behind the Capitol Court building (from corner of 11th Avenue to 12th Avenue tunnel - repairs began July 16).

A map that shows the sidewalk area effected on the south side of 11th Avenue Southeast between Franklin and Jefferson Street. Pedestrian detour signage will be in place on July 15. The contractor will install high visibility fencing on July 16. The sidewalk repair will occur beginning on July 17 through July 26. All roads will be open to vehicle traffic during the construction.

South side of 11th Avenue and between Washington Street and Jefferson Street (repairs started July 16)

ADA ramps

A map that shows the locations where the contractor will be installing high visibility fence. Fence will be erected around the Sunken Garden on July 26 after 5 p.m. Pedestrian detour signage will be in place on July 26. Sidewalk repairs and ADA access work will occur from July 29 through August 15. All roads will be open for vehicle traffic during construction.

Sunken Garden and crosswalks in the circular drive around the Winged Victory monument (work begins in August)


If you have questions please contact Project Coordinator Ted Yoder,(360) 407-8247.