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Sidewalk and ADA Access Improvements

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Project will bring ADA access to Sunken Garden for first time

Sidewalks as well as ADA access are being improved throughout the Capitol Campus. The project also includes new ADA access into and throughout the Sunken Garden. An accessible walking path will be constructed around and through realigned landscape beds, and modifications will be made to the west entrance. The reconfigured sunken garden beds will be planted with a combination of plants from the existing beds and new site appropriate perennials.

The Department of Enterprise Services has contracted with Serpanok Construction of Tacoma to perform the work. There will be noise, traffic and pedestrian impacts. Portions of the sidewalks on Capitol Campus will be closed during the work.

A Buildings & Grounds employee studies the planting plan before marking the ground with spraypaint.A Buildings & Grounds employee begins digging a trench for a below-ground irrigation line.

Work the week of October 15

Sunken Garden: Work continues and the garden remains closed to pedestrians while construction on ADA pathways takes place. There will be intermittent noise impacts. Work is scheduled through the end of December, with the pedestrian closure effective though the end of October. View the new planting plan.

Pleasant Lane and North Diagonal: Work to install tactile warnings (truncated domes) for the crosswalks continues. All sidewalks are open for pedestrian use with temporary backing in place where permanent truncated domes have not yet been installed.