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Update of the State Capitol Master Plan

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is updating its State Capitol Master Plan, which guides development for the complex of state government buildings in Olympia and the surrounding area.

The plan was last updated in 2006. The next step in updating the Master Plan will be to focus on information, processes and authorities essential to decision-making, so that the plan can support decisions that are based on shared values and a vision for the future of our State Capitol, as expressed in the plan.

The plan helps inform decisions about future development on the State Capitol Campus and its satellite campuses , including landscaping and asset management.

As DES updates the plan, the agency will first focus on topics, chapters and sections for which resources, completed studies, or other planning work already exists to inform the update, such as the recently completed State Capitol Development Study. Appendices and links will be added to the Master Plan to make this supporting information readily available.

A roadmap for updates in the 2017-19 biennium is being finalized and will be posted on this website once available.

Public input is an extremely important part of the update process. DES is committed to ensuring there will be opportunities to provide input throughout the update process, including during public meetings. Stakeholders include state government, visitors, the community, local governments, and others who are impacted by the presence of state government offices in Thurston County.


In 2014, DES created a work group to support the Master Plan update. In the 2013-2015 biennium, the work group:

  • Identified needed updates to the Master Plan and top priority topics,
  • Received the State Capitol Committee’s approval of a revision to the State Capitol Campus boundary,
  • Developed conceptual changes to opportunity sites, open space and other land uses for the State Capitol grounds.

This work was supported in the 2015-17 biennium with funding provided by the Legislature specifically to examine options to address pressing facility concerns at four sites on the State Capitol:

  • General Administration Building
  • Pritchard Building (formerly the Washington State Library)
  • Irving R. Newhouse Building and its neighboring property east to Capitol Way, and
  • The "ProArts" Building at 206 11th Avenue, and including the single block of property around it with Centennial Park, located between Franklin and Washington Streets, between Union Avenue and 11th Avenue.

In March 2017, DES delivered to the Legislature the State Capitol Development Study addressing these sites. It includes a total of 16 development alternatives at the four sites, for new office and parking facilities or rehabilitation of existing buildings.

  • This study of alternatives will be used to update a significant section of the 2006 Master Plan identifying opportunities for new development or re-development of State Capitol properties.

Master Plan Documents

The 2006 Master Plan includes principles and policies that inform facilities planning and decision-making in the capital community of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and Thurston County.

Master Plan Resources