How to complete the A21-A Printing Request Form?

​The A21-A printing request is the preferred order form for most printing jobs. These six-part forms are usually available through your organization’s fiscal or purchasing office. If your purchasing office doesn’t carry the forms, a copy can be downloaded from the DES Printing and Imaging web site. Please contact our customer service department for more information on obtaining the printing request forms. Below is a sample of A21-A Printing Request Form that is numbered with descriptions of fields to be filled out.

Sample A21-A Printing Request Form

In order to complete the form, you must plan your printing project thoroughly. You’ll need to make decisions about size, layout, ink, paper, and binding. We encourage you to work with our production planning unit, or with someone familiar with the printing process within your organization. If you would like help making these planning decisions, our staff will be happy to assist you in selecting paper, ink, and appropriate binding styles.

Some agencies may also require completion of an estimate or a preliminary printing request for approval of funds before issuing an A21-A. Please check with your fiscal office to ensure that all the necessary steps have been completed for issuing a requisition number for your A21-A before submitting your order.

Please type or neatly print the information on your printing request. If you need to provide long or complex instructions for the printing of your job, please attach a separate instruction sheet and indicate that you’ve done so in the 'Other Instructions' section of the A21-A.