How to complete the A24-A Copy Center Request Form?

​The A24-A form is the fastest, easiest way to order from the DES Printing and Imaging, because this form doesn’t require its own requisition number and authorizing signature like the A21-A. The A24-A is designed mainly for ordering small quantity, short turnaround jobs from our copy centers. And it’s the most convenient form to use when ordering blank paper or nameplates. You may also use an A24-A when ordering printing jobs from our main plant, but be aware that it will be more difficult for us to look up the job history to find negatives for reprint orders, etc. than it would be if the order is submitted on an A21-A, since all jobs from your organization submitted on A24-A’s are grouped under a monthly master invoice number.

A24-A Instructions

Please make sure that you have taken the steps necessary to comply with your agency’s internal purchasing policies before submitting your A-24-A copy center request.