Small Agency Services Bulletin - February 2022

February 2022

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Your feedback is important

Please send your feedback about the Department of Enterprise Services' (DES) Small Agency Financial Services (SAFS). Your feedback helps us improve and better meet your needs. Finance welcomes your feedback at any time.

Important Dates

Mar. 7

  • To reflect in your agency's monthly financial statements, all invoices and travel reimbursement requests are due to Accounts Payable.

Apr. 30

  • Performance measure actuals due for quarter ending March 31.

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Important Messages

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource

Keep informed via Washington State's coronavirus response website

2022 Supplemental Budgets available to view

2022 Supplemental Operating, Capital, and Transportation Budgets passed by the House and Senate are available on Take a look!

DES plans to distribute two separate rebates in March

DES wishes to thank those of you who use the state's purchasing and fleet card master contacts. By working together, we are able to best leverage available rebates based on the US Bank/Voyager Fleet Card as well as the US Bank/Visa Purchasing Card. DES is sharing these additional rebates with entities who participated by using these contracts.

DES plans to distribute the rebates in March.

  • The additional rebates from US Bank/Visa Purchasing Card for 2021 purchasing volume are based on Incentive No. 4 of the US Bank/Visa Purchasing Card contract 00612.
  • The additional rebates from US Bank/Voyager Fleet Card for 2021 purchasing volume are based on Incentive No. 3 of the US Bank/Voyager Fleet Card contract 00612.

Both rebates are based on spend volume. Washington qualified for the additional incentive programs based on spending after enough states and public entities joined the multi-state purchasing card programs. We reached these benchmarks through DES' efforts in recruiting both other states and nonparticipating entities within Washington to utilize the contracts – an effort DES is continuing.

If your agency qualifies for a rebate and your agency receives Small Agency Financial Services for budget and revenue management, DES will deposit the rebate on behalf of your agency. Each agency's assigned DES Budget Analyst will incorporate the rebate into your next monthly financial status report.

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Small Agency Financial Services News

Five Quick Tips for Handling Receipts

  1. Incoming cash and checks must be deposited as soon as possible.
  • Per RCW 43.01.050, deposits must be within 24 hours of the receipt of cash or checks.*
  • DES has been granted a waiver allowing Small Agency Financial Services (SAFS) agencies, to whom they provide accounts receivable services, to deposit either weekly or when cash on hand reaches $500, whichever comes first.
  1. Two people should open the mail whenever cash or checks are expected. One person should create a list of cash and checks received and another should review it. Both persons should initial the list after the amounts have been verified by both.
  2. A balance and summary of all cash receipts should be prepared daily. Any shortages or overages are to be investigated and to the extent possible, corrected.
  3. Receipts need to be safeguarded until they are sent to SAFS for deposit. Cash and checks received should be kept in a secure location that is restricted to authorized personnel.
  4. Agencies should maintain written procedures on all cash handling and cash control procedures. These should include the procedures used by the agency and the roles and responsibilities of staff handling and reviewing cash receipting activity.

*In response to concerns aimed at reducing the impact of COVID-19, state agencies have been granted an exception to RCW 43.01.050. The exception grants state agencies the authorization to temporarily hold and safe keep receipts. Deposits must be made at least once every two weeks from the time of collection and receipts must be secured until deposited. This exception is currently granted through March 31, 2022.

For more information about safe handling cash and check receipts, please contact us at 360-407-2238 or

Small Agency Highlight

DES is excited to share fun information and exciting news about our small agencies. In the past, we have included write-ups on awards, important events, and special visitors to our small agency customers.

If you have news you would like to share in our next monthly bulletin, please let us know.

SAFS (Small Agency Financial Services) Team Updates

Did you know? Your DES financial support team consists of ALL of our SAFS team members. Even though you may work with specific SAFS members regularly, other SAFS members often step in to assist and provide continuity of services. We would like you to know about our whole SAFS team. Below is a list of each work group within SAFS, the members you may hear from, and recent news or a message from each team.

Team Members News / Message
Accounts Payable

Ian Shelley
Amanda Overstreet promotion
Megan Finger
Norma Rosado
Bryn Parker

Amanda Overstreet has promoted to another position within DES Finance effective March 7 and at that time will no longer be supporting the small agencies. We are sad that Amanda is leaving SAFS but so happy for her new opportunity. Congratulations Amanda!

Diann Lewallen
Paul Bitar
Seth Flory
Bret Skipworth

Budget staff continue to assist agencies with fiscal notes. They are also reviewing the operating, capital, and transportation budgets recently passed by the House and Senate.


Carrie Knudson
Bona Brewer
Vanno Non
Tasha Fitzgerald (shared leave)
Whitney Lucas (benefits)
Phuong Luong (out of office)
Erica Williamson (tax/retirement)

We are excited to announce Erica Williamson is joining our SAFS team. Erica has been with DES payroll since November 2020. She is promoting to the payroll FA3 position. This position will be our tax and retirement desk for DES and SAFS. Erica is self-motivated, attentive to detail, is customer and team focused, and has the desire to challenge herself to grow in this new role. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Erica!

Remember to continue to contact while Phuong is out of office in March.

Accounts Receivable

Betti Bartoldo
Crystal Marshall
Jeff Wilhelm
Tristin Loduha
Sabrina Arsena

Some fun days in March:

  • National "Dress in Blue" Day - March 4
  • National "Dentists" Day - March 6
  • National "Plant a Flower" Day - March 12
  • Daylights Savings Day - March 13
  • Saint Patrick's Day - March 17
  • National "Let's Laugh" Day - March 19
  • Spring Begins - March 20
  • National "Chip and Dip" Day - March 23
  • National "Doctors" Day - March 30
Administrative Assistance

Danelle Guerin
Susan Berman
Molly Guinan

Molly works Monday-Thursday from 1-6 p.m.

DES Payroll statistics for Feb. 2022 (40 agencies served)

Total Employees Paid 1,319
New Hires / Rehires 21
Transfer In / Transfer Outs 10
Separations 14
Supplemental Payments / Walk Throughs 1
Overpayments 3

DES Accounts Payable statistics for Feb. 2022 (32 agencies served)

Invoices Received from Agency 1,836 77.14% $11,758,918
Invoices Paid on Delegated Authority 519 21.81% $1,137,168
Travel Requests Paid through TEMS 15 0.63% $12,587
Payments Reissued (SOL, Lost Warrant) 10 0.42% $96,093
Total Payments Processed 2,380 100% $13,004,766

"New" Quarterly DES Accounts Receivable statistics for Oct-Dec 2021 (27 agencies served)

Invoices Produced 395 $1,306,821
Revenue Recorded 518 $4,472,781
Expenditure Reductions Recorded 116 $1,455,904
Accounts Receivable FTEs Completing the Work 2.25  


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Travel Tips

Increasing Travel Trips

As travel starts to increase again, please continue to follow the World Health Organization tips for traveling during COVID-19.

Per Diem Taxation Reminder

If the 11 hour rule for meals applies to a traveler submitting for reimbursement, the per diem requested will also be taxable and will be included on the employee's W-2. When utilizing the Travel and Expense Management Systems (TEMS), the meals must be marked as taxable when applicable.

For more information on the 11 hour rule, please refer to SAAM Chapter 10.40.50.

If you have any questions regarding travel please call SAFS AP at 360-407-8183 or email

Helpful Hints for Good to Go! Transponder Accounts

A Good To Go! account is the cheapest and easiest way to pay tolls in Washington. With an account, your tolls will be paid automatically without having to stop at a toll booth or worry about bills in the mail. Check out helpful hints on setting up and using a Good To Go! account.

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If you would like to know what budget analyst, payroll analyst and HR business partner is assigned to your agency, see our Agency Assignments webpage.

If you would like to get contact information for DES SAFS and HR staff, see our Contacts webpage.

If you have suggestions or feedback about the Small Agency Services Bulletin, please send your comments to

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