Small Agency Services Bulletin - June 2021

June 2021

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Your feedback is important

Please send your feedback about the Department of Enterprise Services' (DES) Small Agency Financial Services (SAFS). Your feedback helps us improve and better meet your needs. Finance welcomes your feedback at any time.

Important Dates

June 24

  • Donations for shared leave are due

June 29 & 30

  • For state fiscal year-end accounting and cash cut-off purposes, accounts payable documents will not be processed on Tuesday, June 29 or Wednesday, June 30. All FY21 payment processing will resume as normal on Thursday, July 1.

June 30

  • Replenish petty cash per SAAM.
  • Obtain list of assets in the Capital Asset Management System (CAMS). If needed, complete a physical inventory.
  • Use compensatory time. The remaining balance will be cashed out on the July 10 paycheck (represented employees only).
  • All services must be rendered and tangible goods must be received.

July 1

  • Deadline to send cost coding updates to payroll for FY22 (July 26 payroll).
  • Submit all payroll items for the June 16-30 payroll.
  • Submit all FY21 commissioners and board members' stipend requests.
  • Submit all FY21 Commute Trip Reduction (CRT) stipends.
  • Begin separating FY21 and FY22 invoices (bill to be paid) when batching for processing by DES AP.
  • Begin using new Chart of Accounts coding for FY22 invoices.
  • When invoicing, separate FY21 and FY22 services to other entities on different individual invoices.

July 9

  • If DES prepares invoices for your agency for goods and services you provide others, submit invoicing information to DES.

July 16

  • Contact vendors to obtain invoices for goods and services.
  • If you prepare invoices internally for goods and services you provide others, mail invoices for goods and services to agencies and colleges. Please report your invoices to DES to be recorded properly in FY21.

July 23

  • Notify your DES Budget Analyst of any unrecorded assets or disposed assets.

Aug 6

  • Information on accrued expenses must be received by DES.
  • All payment documents must be received by DES for payments of goods, services, and equipment received on or before June 30.
  • Manual (paper) travel vouchers must be received by DES.
  • Electronic travel vouchers must be approved in the Travel Expense Management System (TEMS).

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Important Messages

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource

Keep informed via Washington State's coronavirus response website

Time to think about the end of the fiscal year / biennium

  • If there are any changes to implement in the new biennium, such as changes to coding structure to track expenses differently or track something new, please contact your DES Senior Financial Consultant (Budget Analyst).
  • Due to fiscal year-end close and the beginning of FY22, DES Accounts Payable will not process regular accruals for July.

Capitol Childcare Center

Check out the project bringing an additional childcare center to serve state workers. This center is built with an eco-friendly design that focuses on conserving resources, ensuring air and water quality, and reducing waste. It's located on the corner of Maple Park Avenue SE and Capitol Way S.

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Small Agency Financial Services News

DES SAFS workshop featuring DES Contracts & Procurement - PART 2

The May 27 DES Contracts & Procurement workshop went well. Below are the topics that were covered.

  • Contract / IT Reporting
  • Emergency Contracts
  • Possible DES Contracts expansion for small agency support
  • Q&A on all topics

Contact information and resource materials from PART 1 and PART 2 can be found on our Workshop Materials webpage.

DES SAFS presents successful "Fiscal Year/Biennium Accounting Close" and "2021-23 Budget Allotments" workshop.

Attendees representing 24 of our agencies attended the June 15 Accounting Close and Budget Allotments Workshop. Thanks to our presenters Sarah Parker and Ian Shelley (DES AP), Carrie Knudson (DES Payroll), Crystal Marshall (DES AR), and Paul Bitar (DES Budget) for another fun, interactive, informative workshop. Also, thanks to those who attended and for the feedback on the workshop.

Some of the feedback comments were:

  • Mostly like the deadlines and reminders.
  • I really enjoyed the poll that asked how many times a person had gone through year-end. I felt like I wasn't alone being a relative newbie.

View the presentation from the workshop.

2021-23 SubObject Table Now Available

An updated 2021-23 SubObject Table is now available on the Forms page of our website. This table includes the most common SO/SSO codes used by our small agency customers, with additional details about what kind of invoices belong with each code. If you have questions, please reach out to your Senior Financial Consultant (Budget Analyst) or Accounts Payable.

Small Agency Highlight

The Washington Horse Racing Commission oversees the legalization of the pari-mutuel betting on horse races in Washington State. The Commission licenses, regulates and supervises all race meets held in Washington State. Race fans are invited to attend live racing each Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at Emerald Downs beginning July 8.

Check out the special events coming up during race season at Emerald Downs.

  • July 2 - Annual fireworks show returns to Emerald Downs. Tickets went on sale June 17. Capacity is limited to 5,000 spectators.
  • July 25 - Making a triumphant return this Summer are the ever adorable Corgi Dog Races.
  • August 22 - One day of precious puppy races not enough, check out the Wiener Dog Races.
  • September 10-12 - This year's Indian Relay competition weekend.

SAFS (Small Agency Financial Services) Team Updates

Did you know? Your DES financial support team consists of ALL of our SAFS team members. Even though you may work with specific SAFS members regularly, other SAFS members often step in to assist and provide continuity of services. We would like you to know about our whole SAFS team. Below is a list of each work group within SAFS, the members you may hear from, and recent news or a message from each team.

Team Members News / Message
Accounts Payable

Sarah Parker
Ian Shelley
Amanda Overstreet
Norma Rosado
Heidi Rutherford new

Please join us in welcoming Heidi Rutherford to the team! She is eager to learn and we're excited to have her. Welcome Heidi!


Diann Lewallen
Paul Bitar
Seth Flory
Bret Skipworth new

We are excited to announce that Bret Skipworth will be joining our Budget team on July 1! He has a background in both budget and accounting, and will be a great addition to our team. Welcome Bret!


Carrie Knudson
Bona Blume
Vanno Non
Tasha Fitzgerald (shared leave)
Whitney Brabant (benefits)
Phuong Luong (shared leave)

Louisa Wilkes, Payroll Manager, is back from maternity leave. Welcome back Louisa and baby!

Accounts Receivable

Betti Bartoldo promotion
Crystal Marshall
Megan Finger

Please join us in congratulating Betti Bartoldo for promoting to Accounts Receivable Supervisor for Small Agencies! Betti began with DES AR as a Fiscal Tech in 2016, then promoted to an FA1 and FA3. Congrats Betti!

Administrative Assistance

Danelle Guerin
Molly Guinan


DES Payroll statistics for May 2021 (40 agencies served)

Total Employees Paid 1,313
New Hires / Rehires 32
Transfer In / Transfer Outs 6
Separations 13
Supplemental Payments / Walk Throughs 4
Overpayments 9

DES Accounts Payable statistics for May 2021 (32 agencies served)

Invoices Received from Agency 1,522 80.61% $11,413,015
Invoices Paid on Delegated Authority 350 18.54% $692,883
Travel Requests Paid through TEMS 14 0.74% $4,298
Payments Reissued (SOL, Lost Warrant) 2 0.11% $53,387
Total Payments Processed 1,888 100% $12,163,583

Travel Tips

Increasing travel trips

As travel starts to increase again, please continue to follow the World Health Organization tips for traveling during COVID-19.

If you are locked out of your TEMS account, need help submitting reimbursement, or have questions about travel rules – please contact us at

Year-End Guidelines

Travel and travel reimbursements follow the same year-end guidelines as goods and services. Travel that occurs on or before June 30 will be accounted for in FY21. Travel that occurs on or after July 1 will be accounted for in FY22.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Contact Us

If you would like to know what budget analyst, payroll analyst and HR business partner is assigned to your agency, see our Agency Assignments webpage.

If you would like to get contact information for DES SAFS and HR staff, see our Contacts webpage.

If you have suggestions or feedback about the Small Agency Services Bulletin, please send your comments to

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