Small Agency Services Bulletin - November 2021

November 2021

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Your feedback is important

Please send your feedback about the Department of Enterprise Services' (DES) Small Agency Financial Services (SAFS). Your feedback helps us improve and better meet your needs. Finance welcomes your feedback at any time.

Important Dates

Dec. 7

  • To reflect in your agency's November monthly financial statements, all invoices and travel reimbursement requests are due to Accounts Payable.

Dec. 10

  • DES will transfer Combined Fund Drive (CFD) deposits in fund 525 to the Office of the Secretary of State.

Dec. 20

  • 2021 IRS 1099-MISC reporting invoice cutoff. Accounts Payable will not process payments from Dec. 23 - Dec. 31. Accounts Payable will resume payment processing Jan. 3.

Dec. 21

  • Statutory deadline for Governor to release supplemental budget proposals.

Dec. 31

  • Due date for agencies that file annual/monthly DOR Use Tax.

Jan. 7

  • 2021 IRS 1099-MISC upload deadline.

Jan. 10

  • 2022 Legislative Session begins.

Jan. 31

  • 2021 W-2s will be distributed.
  • Annual sick leave buy-out form is due.

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Important Messages

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource

Keep informed via Washington State's coronavirus response website

OFM budget preparations are under way

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) is busy reviewing agency requests and preparing recommendations to the Governor's 2022 supplemental budgets. Be sure to contact your DES budget analyst should you receive any questions or make subsequent changes to your budget submittal. The Governor's budget proposal is required by statute to be submitted to the Legislature by Dec. 21.

How to Expedite Statewide Vendor/Payee Registration

The Office of Financial Management maintains a central vendor file for Washington State agencies to use for processing vendor payments. This allows your vendors to receive payments from all participating state agencies by direct deposit, the state's preferred method of payment.

The vendor/payee registration process requires the thorough completion of the Vendor/Payee Registration form that includes the Form W-9. Missing or difficult to read information may delay the issuance of the vendor/payee's Statewide Vendor number (SWV), delaying payment to your vendor.

Here are some tips for your vendor when completing the forms:

  • Submit a registration form for new vendors OR a change form to update an existing record.
  • In addition to either a registration or change form, if your vendor would like to receive payment by direct deposit to their bank, they will also need to submit a direct deposit authorization form.
  • Answer all questions, complete all fields, write legibly, and print out the form to sign in ink. No electronic or stamped signatures will be accepted.

Here are some tips for your agency when receiving the forms:

  • Confirm that you receive the proper forms needed to create a new record, update an existing record, or set up direct deposit.
  • Review forms for completeness, legibility, and NO electronic signatures.
  • Send forms immediately to the Statewide Payee Registration desk.


Fax: 360-664-3363

Mail: PO Box 41450, Olympia, WA 98504-1450

  • The process is delayed when the Vendor/Payee Registration forms are sent in with the DES Accounts Payable A.45.
  • Sending the Vendor/Payee Registration forms in for processing before sending the invoice in for payment will expedite the processing of the SWV number, allowing DES Accounts Payable to promptly pay the invoice.

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Small Agency Financial Services News

Calendar Year-End 2021 is Approaching

The end of the calendar year is quickly approaching. Our payroll office has a few important reminders:

  • Ensure all timesheets and leave slips are submitted timely and accurately by Dec. 15. This will ensure your 2021 W-2s are correct.
  • Update your W-4: Only if there are any changes in your financial or marital status. Find your current withholding status in the top right corner of each earnings statement.
  • Update your address: Have you moved? Now is a good time to update your address. Please send an email to the Human Resources (HR) office.
  • Review Beneficiary: Now is a good time to review your beneficiary information for your life insurance, retirement, deferred compensation program, and your Health Savings Account.

DES presents successful Travel and Purchase Card (P-Card) Workshop

Our Nov. 3 Travel and Purchase Card workshop had over 40 attendees. Special thanks to presenter Michael Lix, DES Purchase Card Program Manager, and DES Accounts Payable presenters Sarah Parker, Ian Shelley, Amanda Overstreet and Norma Rosado.

The workshop covered:

  • Travel rules and policies annual update
  • DES Enterprise P-Card resources overview

The workshop presentation has been updated with audience Q&As and posted on our Workshop Materials webpage. Please enjoy!

SAFS (Small Agency Financial Services) Team Updates

Did you know? Your DES financial support team consists of ALL of our SAFS team members. Even though you may work with specific SAFS members regularly, other SAFS members often step in to assist and provide continuity of services. We would like you to know about our whole SAFS team. Below is a list of each work group within SAFS, the members you may hear from, and recent news or a message from each team.

Team Members News / Message
Accounts Payable

Sarah Parker
Ian Shelley
Amanda Overstreet
Norma Rosado
Megan Finger
Bryn Parker

Poinsettia Fun Fact 1: December 12 is National Poinsettia Day.

The United States has observed this official day since the mid-1800s. It honors the plant and Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett who discovered the shrub. Poinsett died Dec.12, 1851.


Diann Lewallen
Paul Bitar
Seth Flory
Bret Skipworth

Poinsettia Fun Fact 2: The poinsettia's main attraction is not its flowers, but its leaves.

The flowers of the plant are the yellow clustered buds in the center (termed “cyathia”). The colored leafy parts are actually bracts or modified leaves, that turn color in response to the plant forming flowers.


Carrie Knudson
Bona Brewer
Vanno Non
Tasha Fitzgerald (shared leave)
Whitney Lucas (benefits)
Phuong Luong (shared leave)

Poinsettia Fun Fact 3: In the wild or planted in tropical climates, the poinsettia can reach heights of 12 feet with leaves measuring six to eight inches across.

It is actually a small tropical tree (Euphorbia pulcherrima) belonging to the Euphorbia plant family.

Accounts Receivable

Betti Bartoldo
Crystal Marshall
Jeff Wilhelm
Tristin Loduha
Sabrina Arsena

Poinsettia Fun Fact 4: Poinsettias can rebloom next year.

Flowering in this plant responds to short daylengths (or actually long nights). They need daylight for no more than 10 hours daily, beginning around October 1. Place plants in a darkened closet or room (with no lights at any time) from about 5pm to 7am or so, daily, for 8 to 10 weeks. Don’t forget to bring it back into the daylight every day!

Administrative Assistance

Danelle Guerin
Molly Guinan - out thru Dec. 5
Susan Berman - new

We are happy to welcome Susan Berman to our Admin Team! Susan will be the primary admin support for Small Agencies and is covering for Molly while she's out. Please give Susan a warm welcome!

Molly will return part-time Dec. 21.

DES Payroll statistics for Oct 2021 (40 agencies served)

Total Employees Paid 1,300
New Hires / Rehires 14
Transfer In / Transfer Outs 9
Separations 55
Supplemental Payments / Walk Throughs 3
Overpayments 3

DES Accounts Payable statistics for Oct 2021 (32 agencies served)

Invoices Received from Agency 1,676 74.92% $14,523,454
Invoices Paid on Delegated Authority 531 23.74% $1,068,359
Travel Requests Paid through TEMS 27 1.21% $8,562
Payments Reissued (SOL, Lost Warrant) 3 0.13% $4,391
Total Payments Processed 2,237 100% $15,604,766

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Travel Tips

Increasing Travel Trips

As travel starts to increase again, please continue to follow the World Health Organization tips for traveling during COVID-19.

Per Diem Taxation

Per diem is taxable and will be included on the employee's W-2. When utilizing the Travel and Expense Management Systems (TEMS), the meals must be marked as taxable when applicable.

Intercity Transit has Jingle Buses at a route near you!

There are two festively decorated buses and a Dial-A-Lift van this year spreading holiday cheer throughout the community.

The Jingle Buses will travel on a different route each day from Friday, Nov. 26 through Friday, Dec. 31. Please see the schedules to plan your trips.

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If you would like to know what budget analyst, payroll analyst and HR business partner is assigned to your agency, see our Agency Assignments webpage.

If you would like to get contact information for DES SAFS and HR staff, see our Contacts webpage.

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