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DES eLearning Courses

DES Statewide eLearning Courses

Civil Service Rules & Labor Relations - For Supervisors

In this course, you will learn about the rules that apply to your employees, tools to help you follow these rules, and resources for if you have questions.

Hiring Process - For Supervisors

(Update Coming 2018)
Successful organizations and teams consist of the right people doing the right jobs! This course will provide you with the information and tools regarding hiring procedures, roles, timelines, and available resources you can use throughout this course and thereafter.

Pay, Leave & Time - For Supervisors

It is important that you know how to process your employees’ leave correctly, ensure they are paid accurately, and determine if your employees are eligible for overtime pay. This course will provide you with the information and tools to help you make these decisions in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Performance Plans & Reviews - For Supervisors

You are only successful when your employees are successful! You are expected to help your employees achieve results and grow. This course will provide you with pertinent information, resources, and tools that will help you prepare employee expectations, conduct employee evaluations, and provide your employees with ongoing feedback.

Resolving Performance Issues - For Supervisors

Effectively addressing performance concerns allows you to help your employees achieve their full potential in meeting organizational and individual targets! This course will help you recognize and manage performance issues.

Unlawful Employment Discrimination - For Supervisors

It is your responsibility to prevent and address any discrimination within the workplace. This course will provide you with information and tools to help you identify and prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention - For Supervisors

This course is taken in conjunction with the general Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention online course to meet the requirements of WAC 357-34-105 and 357-34-100. This course discusses the elements of “Quid Pro Quo” and “Hostile Work Environment” and covers what supervisors should do when confronted with sexual harassment situations. Learners will review nine different scenarios and decide on the appropriate actions to take.

Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention - For All Employees

(Update Coming 2018)
This course discusses your responsibility, as an employee, to maintain an environment free from sexual harassment. You will review your role and your employer’s role in identifying and stopping sexual harassment. This course also discusses your rights and options when reporting sexual harassment.

Mobile Work - For Supervisors

This course is designed to help supervisors understand strategies and benefits of a modern workplace environment. It focuses on staff suitability to participate in mobile work, managing mobile workers, and expectations for alternative work locations.

Use of Criminal Records in Hiring - For Executive Staff and HR Staff

This course is based on the document, Best Practice Standards: The Proper Use of Criminal Records in Hiring. These standards will help you make hiring decisions that will maximize productivity and minimize the risk of liability. This course covers the six steps used to evaluate an applicant with a criminal record.

IT Security Awareness Training - Initial

This is the initial course for all employees. It is an Office of the Chief Information Officer and Consolidated Technology Services approved video designed to inform, change, and secure the behaviors of employees. This video meets the requirement for IT security awareness training.

IT Security Awareness Training - Refresher

This is the IT Security Awareness refresher course for all employees. It is an Office of the Chief Information Officer and Consolidated Technology Services approved video designed to inform, change, and secure the behaviors of employees. This video meets the annual IT security awareness training refresher requirement. This video has a prerequisite of the WA-State IT Security Awareness Training - Initial course.

Ethics in State Government - For All Employees

This course is intended for all employees. It highlights the Ethics in Public Service Act, RCW 42.52, WAC 292-110-010, and use of resources. Upon completion, you will have a basic understanding of the ethical standards in place for state employees and state officials.

Defensive Driving - For All Employees

This course provides advanced defensive driving techniques to reduce your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. The content in this course complies with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements – specifying concerns to be addressed before and while driving, using safe driving techniques to avoid collisions, driving safely in various weather conditions, and responding to specific driving situations.

Preventing Workplace Violence - For Supervisors

As a supervisor, you play an important role in workplace violence prevention whether it is explaining policy, assessing situations, addressing behaviors, or reporting incidents. This course will define workplace violence, provide you with information regarding planning and prevention, identify risk factors and warning signs, and discuss threats and threatening behavior. We will then define domestic violence in the workplace and discuss how to respond.

Interviewing Skills For Panelists - For All Employees

This course is intended for panel members and panel leads. This course begins by looking at the basic hiring process. It then describes the roles and responsibilities of both panel leads and panel members. Next, it discusses the importance and legal obligation of keeping candidate and interview information confidential. Then, it reviews questions that should be avoided during interviews that could potentially cause legal issues. Lastly, it provides some interviewing tips allowing you to make better candidate selection decisions. If you are a panel lead, you may also wish to complete the Hiring Process eLearning course found in LMS.

Reasonable Accommodation - For Supervisors

This course will provide supervisors with the foundational knowledge to recognize and manage reasonable accommodation requests. It will begin by looking at the direct and indirect benefits, for the organization, in providing reasonable accommodations. It will define each reasonable accommodation category and the six basic types of reasonable accommodations. Next, it will discuss organization responsibilities as they relate to reasonable accommodations. Lastly, it will define and provide examples of undue hardship. Supervisors will also walk away with numerous reasonable accommodation resources.


  • Workplace Behavior - For Supervisors
  • Family & Medical Leave Act - For Supervisors
  • Hiring Process - For Supervisors (Update)
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention - For All Employees (Update)